Adorable Photo of President Buhari & GEJ Walking Hand in Hand (See photo)


The image was captured by photographer Ty Bello and here’s what she said about this magical moment:


In the last few days, I was honored to photograph really closely as Nigeria made its final transition from one government to the next. Away from the view of every one, as President Jonathan took President Buhari on a tour of the presidential villa, I witnessed something really Sacred:THEY WERE HOLDING EACH OTHERS HANDS.

It was a divine moment…Unguarded .. Side by side: SERVANTS and KINGS. Paving way and making way to and for a greener land.

ITS MORNING NIGERIA.. we must wake up …postured to do the same:supporting each other as we walk towards the change we seek.

I will be sharing my photographs of the build up to yesterday’s inauguration and also older , unpublished work from the last seven years. I won’t be writing as much … I’ll just let history speak.

May the moments warm our hearts to reflection , pointing us forward. #tybellophotography #photostories #asorock #nigeria #president #buhari #jonathan #tybello #kings #leaders #newday