7 Ways To Impress Your Employer


office Businesswoman

Now that you have landed your dream job, keep in mind that the hard part has truly just begun. It is important that you impress your employer, on the most part, and make it easy for them to consider you for promotion, and other career perks. Here are a few things you need to do for this to happen.

1. Bond with the team: You need to be able to work well with your team, so your employer can see that you are dedicated to making things run smoothly in the company.
2. Have ideas: During meetings, or other mediums that gives employees a chance to share ideas, make sure you do so.  Yes, not all your ideas will be used, but if you keep suggesting them, you let your employer know that you are always thinking of the betterment and growth of the company. This is what every employer wants.
3. Avoid mediocre work: A lot of people only focus on doing the bare minimum when it comes to their job. They will stick rigidly to the job description and fight any opportunities that will make them deviate from it. This is wrong. If you plan to grow in a particular company, be sure to take some chances. This does not mean you should overwork yourself trying to do it all, but make an effort to do more than you are asked from time to time.
4. Take initiative: Have you noticed that almost every job description is seeking for someone who has the ability to work with “minimal or no supervision?” This is because employers cannot be everywhere at the same time. They need someone who will take initiative and do things that needs done without waiting for someone to tell them. This is an important trait to have.
5. Be respectful: Even if your boss is the joker of the office, you still need to be respective when communicating with them. Just because you have a fun boss does not mean you should forget that there are boundaries and begin to disrespect them. Sure, a little fun is fine, if welcomed, but do not let your guard down and blab/play away. He/she is still your boss, not your buddy at a bar. Know the limits.
6. Be punctual: You do not have to always be the first at the office everyday, just make sure you are punctual and arrive on time. Punctuality is not something your boss will yell at you for everyday, but trust us, they will notice. And when time comes to promote someone or cut down on staff, your punctuality will affect the decisions they will make concerning you.
7. Be reliable: If you say you are going to do something, no matter how small the task is, do it. Let your fellow employee and your employer be able to rely on you. It lets them know they do not have to worry about a thing as long as you say you got it.

Remember, getting the job does not mean you now get to relax. It is time to buckle up and prove to them that they did not make a mistake hiring you.