7 Types Of Prostitutes



Without wasting much time, roll with me as i bring you the types of prostitutes.


1 Local Prostitutes
These are the types of prostitutes my Yoruba friends calls “sarewa” meaning “rush come”, they are always present in every hood.
NB: All they need is recharge card then you are free to explore the unexplorable.

2 Part-time Prostitutes
They will be the one to call you whenever they are broke so that they can pay you a visit, but during the visit! miracles shall happen. keep calm, they are just part-time oloshos.
NB: You will also pay for their t-fare.

3 Full-time Prostitutes
These are the real deals. you will always find them only at night around suya joints, beer parlors, on the streets and their main industries.
NB: They charge very low, you can even try your luck with N750.

4 Holy Prostitutes
They are regular church or mosque goers but they can’t just do without having some lashes within the week then during the weekends, you will see them asking for forgiveness.
NB: They always emotional after the ministration, some will even start crying and you will start feeling guilty.

5 E-Prostitutes
They are more like OLX or kongagrin all you need to do is to negotiate with them online and trust me, they will never fail youwink
you will always find them on every social networks even on nairaland grin
NB: They charge high.

6 Corporate Prostitutes
They are always at our work place, schools even in our hoods. They are always good looking whenever you see them, but all they need from you is to approach them, take them out for shopping, then the main ministration will take place at night.
NB: They don’t have time for dating and long stories coz they already have their parners.

7 High-Class Prostitutes
If you are not a billionaire, don’t just render yourself useless by going near them or else! you know the rest. They are always patronized by politicians, successful businessmen, popular actors and so on.
NB: They also play international matches.

8 Add urz

keep calm and run from oloshos cool

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