7 Reasons You Should Vote In The Upcoming Elections


The Nigerian Presidential Elections are 3 days away, and after weeks and weeks of campaigning, and a controversial postponement, it is finally time to decide who will be the president of Nigeria for the next four years, but just as important are the governor, senatorial, and local government elections.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are more than two presidential candidates. For more information on all candidates, see here. In addition find out the candidates in your local area.

But more importantly, here are 7 reasons you should vote in the upcoming elections:

1. It’s Your Right

This can’t be stressed enough. As long as you’re a Nigerian, it is your right to vote. Unless you’re not in the country at the time, please exercise your right to vote.

2. It’s Your Duty

Not only is it your right, it is your duty as a Nigerian citizen to go out there and vote. In your own way it is what you are doing for the country.

3. So You Can Complain

If you cast your vote for a candidate, then you can complain. If makes little sense complaining about a situation when you didn’t try an change it.

4. Cancel Out An Opposing Vote

For every vote cast, there could be an opposing vote to cancel it out. So if you don’t agree with what xyz thinks, then vote and cancel his/her vote out.

5. Who’s Representing You?

The presidential elections carry all the noise, and rightfully so, but the senators, governors and local govt administrators are the ones that represent your interests. Make sure you choose the right one.

6. Every Vote Counts

It sounds cliche but it is in fact the truth. More especially in Nigeria where individual votes are tallied up to get a final count.

7. You’ll Feel Good

You’ll feel good about yourself. Knowing that you have cast a vote in favor or against a particular person will make you feel like you had a say.

Source: Jaguda