5 Type Of Foods Nigerian Students Eat Most



university(poly,colleges) and boarding secondary school student tend to eat this particular set of foods more than any other, be it because of the fastness to prepare or the quantity, if you’re a student you’ll definitely understand what am saying.

1). Garri a.k.a student power
student appreciates this cereal more than any other food #10 sugar #10 kulikuli #10 ground nut and you have a fully furnished garri some male student drink garri twice a day

God will surely bless the soul of the person who discovered this meal

2).eba and okro
for student i think okro is the easiest soup to prepare after preparing your soup and eba omor forget am o na then you go see waka well

3).noddles a.k.a indomie hungry man size.
Go to boys hostel in any institution and you are sure to find sachet of indomie leathered every where, because of it fastness to prepare student tend to prepare noddles very well

4). Rice and beans(concution)
when you talk about quantity rice and beans must be mentioned 5 cups of beans and 3 cups of rice omor na morning afternoon and midnight food o

5). Red oil rice(concution)
salt, maggi, peper, red oil omor rice don ready be that ooo students tend to prepare rice this way because of money

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