5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Cultist



If there is an inscription on the faces of people we come across daily telling us who they are, then we will have less chances of making the wrong friends.

But Nature has denied us that capacity of reading people’s personality by mere appearance.

This Post is written to mark out the non-obvious signs that your boyfriend is a cultist and you don’t know it.

Quick to the Point:

1. He Has A Dominant Colour:

The Red, Yellow, Blue etc colors have been colonized by cultists. If your boyfriend is always in red, black, etc, not just trouser or shirt but dominantly red example Phone pack, wrist watch, Glasses, face-cap, etc.

2. He Doesn’t go To Class But Always Move Out Toward Night:

Most Cultist don’t go out during the day because of their fear of rival cultist and if they must go out in the day, they always do that in group. They prefer night movement because they perpetrate evil in the dark hours.

If he is fond of leaving the lodge often in the night only to return at odd hours, that is a sign pointing to cultism.

3. His Clique of Friends:

If your boyfriend has this clique of friends that are always together sharing same symbols unknown, colors of evil, mystery words etc, then you might have been with a cultist without knowing it.


4. He doesn’t Want People To Know His Apartment:

Cultist are aware that they will always cause trouble that will make them become hunted. In taking precaution, they do not tell people their apartment. The obvious is that if people don’t freely visit your boyfriend then, he might be a cultist.

5. Strange Tattoo:

Although one won’t conclude that tattoo is a mark of cultism, but many campus guys who wear tattoo belong to one cult or another. Tattoos like spider, snake, scorpion, axe, cross, etc are pointers that the wearer might belong to a cult.

The above five points among many others tell you that your best friend belong to a cult.

Note: You don’t draw conclusions based on just one of the above mentioned points, if the person exhibits at least 3 out of these and any other obvious ones then you can make your inferences.

Cultism kills, Many who have gone down six feet and some who are still alive wish they never joined.

Why consider it in the first place?