5 High-risk Met Gala Dresses The World Is Talking About Right Now (See Photos)


May in New York City is glorious: another hellish winter has melted away, tulips bloom in the city’s parks, and the Mister Softee truck emerges from hibernation. For the fashion set, the season is marked by The Met Gala, which opens the spring fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

 The gala is the not only New York’s most lucrative fundraiser for the arts, it is the single most spectacular red carpet for fashion: a Vogue-sanctioned theme party, where the guests have vast resources and access to the world’s biggest fashion designers.

See the 5 excellently designed dresses that wowed at the event.

1. Rihanna


2. Sarah Jessica Parker

She donned an absurd headpiece before, with a Philip Treacy-designed tasseled topper that recalled the flame-headed fuwa mascot of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

3. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wore a Roberto Cavalli that was just all that.

4. Jennifer Lopez

4. Beyonce

Givenchy bedazzled dress

5. Solange Knowles

Image/strory Credit; qz

Source: The Business Aim