33 Lessons From The Last Presidential/representatives Election in Nigeria



1. Learn to accept defeat in life.(Goodluck Jonathan).

2. The power to change things is in your hand.(Votes).

3. Always keep your certificate in your possession.(Muhammadu Buhari Certificate).

4. You can achieve your aim even at old age.(Muhammadu Buhari).

5. Don’t toy with your legacy because of zeal for money.(AIT and Co.)

6. Money is not everything.(Goodluck Jonathan).

7. Shun politics of religion and ethnicity.(Goodluck Jonathan).

8. Friendship should not be severed because of Election.(Goodluck Jonathan+Obasanjo).

9. For your true value is not determine by your bank balance.(Muhammadu Buhari).

10. Be the master of your time.(Jega).

11. As a leader you must learn to control your environment.(Goodluck Jonathan).

12. Don’t impose personalities on people.(Adeyemi Alli of APC was impose on Mushin and he lost honourably to Kako Areh of ACCORD PARTY)

13. Failure is not an excuse not to try again.(Muhammadu Buhari).

14. Don’t just have people around you but have sincere ones.(Asari Dokubo).

15. Clergy men should never show openly preference between two parties.(Oyedepo, Guru Maraji etc.)

16. To get satisfactory results use the right tools.(Goodluck Jonathan).

17. People know the right people for the positions (Nigerians)

18. Don’t ever be over confidence in any endeavour.(Patience Jonathan).

19. Learn to respect other people.(Ayo Fayose).

20. Change is the only permanent thing in life.(Nigerians).

21. Don’t campaign with violence.(Patience Jonathan, Ayo Fashose&Fani Kayode).

22. Don’t allow your best tools for success leave you(Obasanjo, Dr. Saraki, Amaechi leaving for opposition party).

23. Don’t ever let power to intoxicate you.(Goodluck Jonathan).

24. Silence is d best answer for a fool.(Jega to Odubebe).

25. Don’t allow your emotion to control you.(Godsday Orubebe).

26. For you to be standout you must be innovative.(Jega+Card reader).

27. Past records/position really count to get position.(Muhammadu Buhari)

28. God will never change your condition until you change it yourself. (Nigerians).

29. Don’t talk too much. (Patience Jonathan).

30. When you are excelling in a situation be calm.(Muhammadu Buhari).

31. Don’t be too eager to give answers to criticisms.(Jega).

32. Don’t engage in political crises.(Political thugs).

33. God appoints leaders.(Almighty God).

For Buhari is not the only person that can bring change. Buhari success depends on every Nigerian. We all need CHANGE we must first be the CHANGE we are clamouring for.

Oh God! assists General Muhammadu Buhari on his new task. God Bless Nigeria and the Nigerians.