30 Hilarious And Beautiful Wedding Pictures To Make Your Day (See Photos)

Here are collections of funny and beautiful pictures of wedding ceremonies to make your day…..
when the husband is a branch manager
When the wife is a PhD holder in Mechanical Engineering and has been boasting to her hubby about how she coupled a car
when the Hubby is a die hard Manchester United fan and hoping MANUTD Board would employed him
When the couples are planning to start a milk production company
someone should suggest a title for this pix abeg
When they put weed inside jollof rice instead of curry
when the groom’s friends know that the wife sabi cook wella
I don’t blame Jide though
Now you may suck your wife… Vampire tinz
Who are they deceiving kwanu Bird’s kissing style
What could be happening to this bride May be his mouth?
Someone called this ‘A fat distance relationship’ that’s wickedness sha
when you get married to your ancestor
True Love indeed…. Papa @80 years, the bride 22years
When the husband is the chairman of bread owners association of Nigeria
When you impregnated the DPO’s only daughter and you don’t wanna marry her
Sista Carolina be like… You people would not put in me in trouble ooo. Mama Nkechi who borrow me wedding gown never chop… Even you no serve my people from village… Abeggggg biko give me the plate
When Saka Orobo is the new chairman of NURTW in Ibadan.. Anything goes
When you have been dating Bashiratu the Area girl for 7years and you refused to marry her or perform your duties after eating her food.

My brother Wale and my friend Uche, do what they need to do… Perhaps it’s love that matters age is just a number
They love their wives and don’t even talk about Visa tinz please!
This could only happened in Zimbabwe
Skyscraper cake What are they thinking?
When grandma learnt that her grand daughter is getting married to Usian Bolt
Don’t say I don’t warned you, even it’s what keeps me and your father going
Even there’s fuel scarcity, nothing would stop us getting married today.. Truimpt wedding entry tinz
When the husband is proud of his job and renting a car is expensive
When the husband is the chairman of Tricycle Owners association of Nigeria
Please help me caption this oo… Runaway bride or something