Wife of Late Prince Audu’s son defends husband following rape allegations,tells her own story (Read More)


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Remember the lady(Sugarbelly) who took to twitter to rejoice over the death of late APC governorship candidate in Kogi,Abubakar Audu? (HERE). She claimed she was raped by his son Mustapha  from the age of 17 when she was an intern in an IT firm in Abuja ..The case hasn’t died down as the lady still insists her life has been ruined and she is now taking medications for post-traumatic stress…

Yesterday,Mustapha’s wife took to twitter to defend her husband,calling the girl an obsessed liar who was not raped but was in a relationship with her husband .She also claims the lady in question got angry after she was dumped.
To butress her point, she released screenshots of emails sent by Sugarbelly to her husband,back in 2007.
In response,Sugarbelly now admits that she isn’t denying she loved Mustapha and was in a relationship with him.However,she claims he and his friends took advantage of that love ,engaging her in orgies,assaulting her and forcing her to have perverse sex acts..
Twitter is now divided with some calling the lady involved a blackmailer and others calling for the prosecution of Mustapha and friends for abusing an underage girl despite her consent …Read below



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The emails allegedly sent by sugarbelly to Mustapha

Sugarbelly reacts to the emails..

Musthapha and Abdul in 2007
Sugar belly during the period she was allegedly being sexually assaulted