26yr Old Pregnant Woman Shot Dead During OPC/Oil Bunkers Crossfire In Ogun


Oluwadamilola Fajana, a 26 year old pregnant law graduate of the Ekiti state University was killed by a stray bullet during a crossfire between OPC members and oil bunkers in Arepo Ogun state on April 29th. Damilola who was married and was 6 months pregnant, was on her way back from work when she drove into the crossfire and was killed by a stray bullet.

In a statement released today May 4th, Mr Ojo Babafemi, the deceased father accused President Jonathan of being an accomplice in the death of his daughter, saying if the President Jonathan had not empowered OPC members and given their leaders such as Gani Adams oil wells located in their area, his daughter and his unborn grandchild wouldn’t have been killed.

Read his statement below:-

“The outgoing president, Goodluck Jonathan, has, by the virtue of his empowering miscreants who go by the name Odua Peoples Congress (OPC), sent me and my family into a deep mourning since last Wednesday. The president, by the unconstitutional empowerment of the ethnic militia which has through their clashes with pipeline vandals, killed so many innocent Nigerians, particularly in Arepo area of Ogun State.

My daughter, Oluwadimilola Adebimpe Fajana-Ojo, was killed in crossfire while driving back home after a hard day’s job. President Jonathan is linked to her the death by the reason of his patronage of people who have no basic training in arms and weaponry in the business of pipeline protection, which is a very dangerous security enterprise supposed to fall under the purview of the trained Nigerian security agencies. President Goodluck Jonathan is culpable of the death of Damilola Fajana and that of others by the virtue of his morbid desperation for political power, which led him to awarding this senseless contract of his to OPC in return for political support in Lagos state.

He is equally guilty of my daughter’s death by his withdrawing the trained security personnel, the police, the army and the civil defence corps from doing their constitutional duties of protecting Nigerian people and their properties and replacing them with untrained miscreants by the name of OPC. It is my hope that the incoming General Buahari administration will revoke this obnoxious and misplaced pipeline contract, and restore peace and normalcy back to Arepo and it’s environment.

This can only be done by returning the Nigerian security agencies back to the area. This will stop the current bloodletting and unnecessary blood shedding of innocent Nigerians, just because a desperate man like Dr Jonathan wants to win elections. By this, the death of my pregnant daughter Mrs Damilola Fajana Née Ojo, my unborn grandchild, and that of others will not go unsung. It is my hope also that the Ogun state government, will institute a probe panel into this notorious and inhuman killing and maiming of innocent Nigerians resident in Ogun state all in the name of protecting petrol pipe lines.

As for Dr Jonathan, I will not curse but will not also pray but all I will say is that God will judge him accordingly if his decision of arming ethnic militias has done more harm to the Nigerian people than good. And to his co-travellers in the business of looting and killing Nigerians in the name of protecting pipelines, may peace and hamony be strangers in their homes just like they did to my home over the avoidable killing of my meek and promising daughter whose light they extinguished in her prime.

May the good Lord grant Barrister Damilola Adebimpe Fajana Née Ojo and other innocent Nigerians who were victims of President Jonathan and his OPC killer contractors eternal rest and our families the fortitude to bear the loss” the statement read