2 Reasons Why Your GPA Matters In Nigeria And 1 Reason Why It Doesn’t



At a workshop organized for students, students were asked whether their GPAs matter after graduation.

There were many responses that were enlightening and reflecting many divergent views.

The best response we got -in my opinion- was that “whether or not your GPA matters after graduation depends majorly on your plans”.

What will be your own response if asked?

Here are 2 reasons why your GPA matters:

1. Going further in your academic pursuit

If your plan is to go to graduate school for Masters, your GPA is going to matter, as schools will look at your transcripts; so maintaining a high GPA is essential.

2. Low GPA decreases your chances to easily securing a job

If you plan on entering the job market immediately after graduation, your GPA is also very important.

Recruitment exercises in Nigeria are known for using GPAs to screen out applicants in a bid to cut down the number of applicants to be invited for interview.

So, should you worry if your GPA is reading low?


GPA is not the only criteria employers look at when considering applicants.

Internships, relevant projects in college and other extracurricular activities also help on entry-level positions.

However, the story changes a lot more if you have chosen a different path.

1 Reason why your GPA doesn’t matter

If your mind is directed towards business, entrepreneurship, etc. then your GPA does not matter as such.

However, my advice to any student is to work smart at scoring an excellent GPA regardless of the career path they have chosen.

Even if you don’t wish to use your “kwali” after school, a high GPA never hurts.