19 Year Old Nigerian Student Dies At UK University School Hall Due To Helium Leak


A Nigerian student named Alexander Ukwu, 19, died on Thursday April 23rd at the University of Southampton Hartley Grove Halls due to a ‘Helium Leak’.

Alex, who was an alumni of Loyola Jesuit College Class of 2012, was a first year student at the UK university studying MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

He was found dead around 11.26am on Thursday morning inside a student halls of residence room filled with helium, according to a statement released by the university.

A team of chemical experts had been called in to make sure it was safe for students who lived at the hall to go inside the building due to a large amount of helium gas inside.

But when they discovered Alex’s room was locked, they broke it down and discovered his body.

The halls were then cordoned off until at least 3pm. Alex’s death is not being treated as suspicious, though no-one else was injured or treated at the scene.

In a statement to Alexander’s fellow students, Neil White, head of the electronics and computer science department, said:

“I am writing to you in my capacity as Head of ECS, and with great sadness, to notify you of the death yesterday of Alexander Ukwu who was a first year student studying MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Alexander will be sadly missed and we are in contact with his family to send our condolences and sympathy to them at this difficult time.

“I understand that you may be very upset by this news, there are a number of different ways you can access support, if you feel you would like to.”