19 Times ASA Gave Us Phenomenal Fashion (See Photos)


asa feature

Award-winning Nigerian jazz and soul musician, ASA (Bukola Elemide), expresses her African roots not only in her music, or her iconic natural hair but also in her style.

ASA’s dynamic style can be seen all through her music videos, live performances, rehearsals, back stages and even on very playful or casual days.

Here are some photos showing her phenomenal style:

On the set of ‘Satan be gone’ music video – wearing a long net cape (because, Super Woman) with fitted top, pants and a hat to match
asa 1

On tour for her ‘Bed of Stone’ album – Dressed in a long v-neck gown. (Yes, exactly what we were thinking too – Very stony-chic look)
asa 3

When she went blonde in a short polka dot jump suit
asa 4

In her new music video ‘Eyo’ – When she went for this blue Oh-So-Graceful flowing gown and when she wore her own stylish interpretation of the popular Eyo festival regalia
asa 6

asa 10

On the TW magazine feature cover pages – first, in a two piece monochrome lace outfit (WE WANT THOSE SHOES!), and then, a turtle neck blouse with a nude under layer and a short pleated skirt
asa 8

asa 0

When she delivered an amazing performance at the FABRIK, Hamburg. (That Sequined Ankara jacket is EVERYTHING!)


On set for her ‘Why Can’t We’ music video – dressed in polka dot peter pan collared shirt and high waist baggy pants
on set of be my man

On a Mania Magazine feature page – dressed in pencil pants and sequin (Yes, I’m a Diva) jacket
asa 12

At the Future Awards 2014 – wearing a breath stopping beaded cape dress from Iconic Invanity. (We refuse to get over this outfit)
asa 14

When she performed on some stage – dressed in pencil bodycon pants and mustard yellow wide neck jacket
asa 15

At a rehearsal – in a long sleeve tunic. (Because, Boss Lady)
asa 17

On the street of Paris – dressed in a casual multi-coloured dress and sandals
asa 18

At a photo shoot for MTV IGGY – First, an orange sleeveless shirt and rolled-up chinos pant. Then, a brown shirt, rolled-up chinos pant and a white jacket
asa 5

asa brown

At a cover shoot with Belgian magazine Victoire. Simple and Sultry. (Too much to handle)
asa 11

For her magical performance at the Union Chapel Concert – Dressed in a sequined aso-oke playsuit
asa 13

At home in Paris – Wearing a white Tunic (Yes, we look this stylish at home too. Really, we do :|)
at home in paris

Source: womanNg