17 Things About ISIS And Iraq You Need To Know


These seventeen facts about ISIS would tell you more about the group than you have ever known, now dive in.

1. ISIS used to be al-Qaeda in Iraq

2. ISIS wants to establish a caliphate

3. The conflict between Iraqi Sunnis and Shias sustains ISIS

4. Iraq’s former Prime Minister made the ISIS problem worse

5. ISIS has a really important base in Syria

6. ISIS funds itself through oil and an extortion racket

7. The global oil market was spooked by ISIS’ initial advance

8. The conflict has been a boon to Iraq’s Kurds — but that may have changed

9. ISIS isn’t the only anti-government rebel group

10. ISIS has made significant territorial gains in Iraq

11. The Iraqi army is much stronger than ISIS, but it’s also kind of a mess

12. Iran is fighting on the Iraqi government’s side

13. The US and Iran have talked about Iraq

14. The US has launched a campaign to destroy ISIS

15. Some Americans blame Obama for this

16. Iraq’s Sunnis and minorities will probably suffer the most

17. ISIS captured and executed James Foley and Steven Sotloff, two American journalists

Source: The Business Aim