10 Pictures That Proves Julius Agwu Is A Super Dad


Julius-Agwu- stargist

From learning how to ride bikes to making pottery together, Comedian Julius Agwu is our sweetest celebrity SUPER Dad!!

Here’s 10 pictures just to prove he’s a cool father:

Julius shoes!!!

They rock matching shoes together!!!

Julius school run

Goes for school runs even with his busy schedule!

Julius nd kid clay

He even helps out when Zahra feels like some Pottery making.

Julius barbing

They have their haircuts together.

Julius nd Zahra

Takes Zahra for dance classes even if it’s for a good cause.

Julius nd son bonding

Awww!! It’s all about bonding!

Julius nd Zahra b&w

They go for photoshoots together.

Julius selfie wif son

Even take selfies together, so cute!

Julius nd son

Matching shirts when learning how to ride a bike is just SUPER cool!!!

Julius nd birthday

He always turns up for special occasions.

Source: Stargist