10 Essential Wardrobe Items For Guys On Low Budget



A fine wardrobe is not one that consist of different clothes and accessories but one with few items that can be matched together to fit any style. This is a good news for guys on low budget, to have a simple wardrobe, you should fill it with casual wardrobe essentials. If you structure your casual wardrobe correctly, i guarantee you will look good and save money in the long-run.


I regard the following items as the casual essentials, anything beyond this list is really down to personal taste and perhaps your wallet.

1. GRAPHIC T-SHIRT x2: As time goes on, this is one of the item you will like to acquire most but you wont really need much. I suggest you should have at least two, one with a bolded text and the other with a picture.

2. PLAIN T-SHIRT x4: Plain t-shirt are also a very essential item in the wardrobe. With them you can look simple but yet stylish when worn on their own or with a jacket or v-neck jumper. I suggest you should get different colour that suit your taste including white and black.

4. POLO SHIRT x3: This is another item that look smarter than the non collared t-shirts. I suggest one should get one with a neutral colour and the other two with a colour patterned look.

4. LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS x3: This is useful for formal occasions. It is perfect when worn on their own or with an over shirt. It is also a perfect dressdown for workplace.

5. JEANS x2: Two pairs on rotation should be OK for most guys. The essential colour is a dark blue or black so as to be perfect for formal occasion. A jeans of such colour will also go with anything. The most important thing is to get your exact sizes.

6. CHINOS x1: There are lighters than jeans in material and they work well with formal shoes.

7. JUMPERS x2: This is essential during the cold times. Jumpers can smarten up your outfit when worn on their own or with other layer like jacket. I suggest two, a round neck and a v-neck. The V-neck can be worn on plain t-shirts.

8. SHOES/TRAINERS x2: for you to look more matured, you still need an appropriate footwear. You will need a pair of formal shoes for work and casual trainers for evening and weekends.

9. JACKET/COATS/HOODIES x2: Hooded jackets or coats is not a bad idea. It can be worn on t-shirts and singlets zipped or unzipped. Check out the little smith in the Karate Kid movie.

10. BELT x2: Brown and Black simple bet is also very essential.

The key to the essential wardrobe is becoming more versatile according to the weather, events or your general mood. Here is the summary:
1. Graphic T-shirt x2
2. Plain t-shirt x4
3. Polo shirts x3
4. Long sleeve shirt x3
5. Jeans x2
6. Chinos x1
7. Jumpers x2
8. Shoes/Trainers x2
9. Jacket/Coats/Hoodies x2

Other accesories i can suggest is wristwatch, bag, beanie, wallet and sunglasses

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